Andrew Hawley

Group Managing Director

Andrew Hawley – Group Managing Director

Andrew has 36 years’ experience in the construction and related industries, with the last 15 years being specifically in the energy efficiency sector supporting large multi-site operators on their cost/carbon reduction programs.

Hawley Energy provides energy efficiency advice and consultancy services to larger operators helping them reduce energy use, cost and carbon emissions. Using live data analysis combined with our directly employed multi-skilled workforce, we have a proven track record in reducing kWh’s for our clients. We offer our clients a ‘shopping list’ of services that are all built on our mantra of “doing the right thing”. Making Net Zero Work for your Business.

Andrew says, “I get a real buzz from reducing operating costs using the latest technology using my technical and financial experience gained since setting up my first business in 1999”
When work allows, Andrew loves playing Golf but as he says, “I consider myself incredibly fortunate to thoroughly love what I do!”

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