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Independent Energy Consultancy

Hawleys have been advising on energy use since 2010 before establishing Hawley Energy in 2015 as customer demand meant the team needed expanding. We now have specialists in most technologies working within the business, able to provide technical guidance to our customers through all stages of any project.
Hawley Energy Consultants
Hawley Energy Consultants


Energy Audits

Our emphasis on data driven advice requires analysis of meter data to be supplemented by Energy Audits.

These are available in various degrees of depth but even the most basic of audits can help provide context to usage data, unlocking opportunities for savings that would otherwise have been missed or misunderstood.

Energy Reviews

Renewable Energy Reviews

It’s not uncommon for us to be approached by a customer to look at the deployment of a particular technology but our advice is to hold off making large capital investments without having an in-depth understanding of how energy is used. Our specialist will analyse your building, energy use and grid connections and advise on how best to utilise the most suitable renewable technologies for your building and usage.

Hawley Energy Consultants
Hawley Energy Consultants

Efficiency Consultant

Energy Efficiency Consultancy

Having worked with clients on the gathering and presentation of data, we provide monthly exception reports that allow even the most untechnical of people to understand how energy use is impacting your business. Where needed, we further support by providing ‘support services’ that not only secure the maximum return on investment, but also help engage all stakeholders on their journey to Net Zero.

Thermal Energy

Thermal Energy Consultancy

The electrification of heat is a key part of any Net Zero strategy but its deployment can be challenging from a Capex and infrastructure perspective. We work with clients to ensure that the local capacity is available and to identify the tipping point where the shift from fossil fuels to electric makes most sense.

Hawley Energy Consultants
Hawley Energy Consultants

Project Management

Project Management Services

Recognising that not all customers want the same thing, we are often asked to provide another tier of oversight to an existing team that is working on a project that requires additional technical input. We can provide a full project management support service or support an existing team by providing backup/support in specific areas.


Electrical Services

Analytics is the foundation of everything we do – the gathering, presentation and interpretation of metering data in a format that can be easily read and used to formulate decisions and strategies to drive down cost and carbon emissions. Reporting on energy use effectively can be used to incentivise change at all levels of a business

Hawley Energy Consultants